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Katie Atkinson

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Katie Atkinson

New Oak Insurance Co.

Owner and Principal Agent

Katie Atkinson is the owner and principal agent of New Oak Insurance. Founded amidst the pandemic, New Oak is setting the standard for a modern insurance agency. She places the needs of the client ahead of profit, focusing on bespoke, quality coverage that protects each client’s specific interests. This is in stark contrast to the one-size-fits-all, commoditized approach utilized in the vast majority of existing policies. Through her line-by-line comparison of new versus existing coverage, Katie educates her clients. Whether they sign with her or not, everyone comes away from the conversation knowing more about their policy. Her goal is for clients to always understand what they are paying for and why it matters. 

Katie is no stranger to the world of insurance; she joined a local agency straight out of college. Within 5 years, she had been promoted to operations and commercial lines manager and grew their commercial division from less than 5% to nearly 30% of annual revenue. Her sights set on bigger things and driven by her passion for helping small businesses, she set out to start her own agency. 

Katie is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University. She has been a mentor for the MBL’s Veteran Entrepreneur Training (VET) program, spoken at Real Local RVA about legacy perpetuation strategies, and sponsored the 2022 Virginia Food & Beverage Show.

Katie Atkinson
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