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Mary Cofield

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Mary Cofield

RoCo Air/Just Us 4 Travel, LLC.

Indoor Air Quality Advocate

Vollara Independent Distributor

Mary is a ‘Baby Boomer Entrepreneur.” After retirement, she started a business as a travel consultant turning her passion for travel into a profitable business. During the pandemic, Mary pivoted her focus to the importance of air quality to fight back the spread of the virus.

When her granddaughter contracted the Covid-19 virus, she went into “grandmother mode” as she describes it. She researched the steps to combat the virus and shared her research with others. The discovery of the importance of air quality happened while seeking ways to keep her family safe and reduce cross contamination within the family.

Now she shares her knowledge of new technology that reduces exposure to contaminants including the virus that causes COVID-19. Churches, schools, businesses, and homeowners can now be proactive to protect their clients and family members. Her travel clients use her mobile air purification units while in travel status.

Contact her to get a FREE evaluation of your facility or home.

Mary Cofield
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